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As we all know, Zombies are the walking dead (or infected with some kind of 'rage' virus). We also know that at one point in our lives, we will have to pick up a shovel, or axe, and have to deal with their brain eating tendencies.

But, many people are yet unaware of the upcoming rise of the 'Nazi Zombies'. They are the most evilest of evils*, and are literally Nazis who died in the war, and will one day rise from their graves, and infest the earth, probably leaving you stranded in a building with boxes that give you random weapons, and couches that you have to pay to move.

There's no need to worry, just pick up Call of Duty: World at War, and learn all the survival methods to protect you from the goosestepping dead; How to activate floating bombs, how to repair walls chunk by chunk, and how to blame your friends when they do finally overtake and kill you.

It should also be noted that Nazi Zombies can't stand colder regions (According to recent road signs), however the movie Dod Sno (Dead Snow) indicates they can rise in order to protect their Nazi Gold... So if you do retreat to colder climates to avoid your unpleasant death, don't mess with any boxes, crates or other containers of anything appearing to be gold.

*Yes, they are about as bad as 'Pirate Ghosts'
Oscar - "Oh my gawd, it's a ZOMBIES!"

Schindler - "No, it's NAZI Zombies!"

Oscar - "Oh... Well now I don't feel to bad shooting them... I mean, because, you know, they were evil before they were trying to eat my brains."
af Gamingtrevor 10. juni 2009
Nazi Zombies is the game mode that is unlocked once you beat Call of Duty: World at War single player.

You are in a house and with each round Nazi Zombies try to break into the house. You must buy weapons and ammunition to keep them out.
Nazi Zombies = only fun thing about COD5
af Solja123 26. november 2008
Nazi Zombies appear in an unlocked game mode in Call of Duty: World at War.

They also appear on Texas roadways.
af SuperRobotZombieJesus 11. marts 2009
One of the best gaming experiences the Xbox 360 can deliver.

In my opinion the BEST thing on Call of Duty: World at War.

There have been four maps so far. The first being Nacht Der Untoten which is shipped with the game. Zombie Verrückt the second map , Shi No Numa, the third map pack and the fourth being Der Riese. The last 3 are downloaded content which have to be purchased from your console.

If you are looking to into buying any of them the order i would get them in is Shi No Numa > Der Riese > Zombie Verrückt. Shi No Numa is Easier, More fun and will give you most playing time out of the 3.

There are rumours of a fifth and final map but as these are mere rumours i shall not go into detail about it.
I got to round 120 on Shi No Numa of Nazi Zombies without glitching last night.

I call bull you glitcher.
af JacobM 3. oktober 2009
A post or pre world war Nazi having defining quantitative properties of that or like zombie. Commonly associated with a revenge to kill everything living including Jews and Blacks. Is also one of the most deadly types of Nazis and has been known to rise from the dead.
"Oh my god Jeff, is that a Nazi Zombie digging it's way out of the ground!" We better run before it eats are brain out.
af Bill Franklin the Third 21. januar 2009
Often argued upon whether a Nazi Zombies is worse than a normal Nazi. These Undead Nazi's can break through concrete , wood planks, and other miscellaneous objects. The typical Nazi Zombie is charred and has part of the skeleton showing. Nazi Zombies can be tamed to some extent. It is unknown, like normal zombies, whether you can become infected from sexual intercourse. Nazi Zombies are still Fascist, and so are frowned upon as pets.
Geoff: I hope a Nazi Zombie doesn't break through this window.
John: I agree, a Nazi Zombie breaking through this window will cause definite doom.
Sam: maybe if we board up the windows with inferior wood, and leave gaping holes, they cant get in!
Nazi Zombie: Nerrrrrrrrrrr
Geoff: Aww Crap.
af Nibbsy 7. november 2009
part of two Call of Duty Games: World at War, and Black Ops. It depicts what will happen when zombies actually do become an actuality and shows us how to survive.
Man I killed so many fucking Nazi Zombies but they finally got me.
af guillaume92333 30. december 2010
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