A man who was gifted with magical hands.

Said to be a sexual deviant who can make the ladies tremble with delight at the pleasures protruding from his fingers.
Girl: "That guy knew exactly what to do with his hands! I think I'm in love..."
Friend: "Ha! Sounds like a Mike!"

kasha cars michael one night stand sock monkey hot love fingers hands magic love
af LemonDrop 21. februar 2012
Mike is a ridiculously amazing person. He can make anything using his lovely hands, and most of the time it's for the kids. He can be deep, dark and poetic one moment, and a sweetheart-gentleman the next. It is nice to know him from all sides. In fact, Mike looks amazing from any angle. He makes apple sauce in my eyes.
Mike is so wonderful, I think I opposite-of-hate him.
af LilyMikesGirl 7. oktober 2011
Okay, so a guy called Mike is usually very sexy and funny. You can talk to Mike for hours and never ever get bored. When you look at him, he takes away your breath <== That's how hot and sexy he is.Usually people say that hot people are dumb and very conceited. And most of the time this is true... but NOT when talking about MIke. Even though he is extremely hot and bangable, he is also pretty smart and understanding. Sometimes he may act like he is very conceited and "into himself" kid, but he is just pretending, trust me. If you get to know MIke, you will soon understand that he is one of the best friends you can ever have. He may be a very big dick( usually he refers to himself as an 'asshole'). Nevertheless, he is one of the sweetest and caring people you will ever meet.

Naturally,most Mikes skate, but other may ride a bike, scooter, and car as well.ALso some mikes are 'Scene'
Mikes usually LOVE music. They say that Music is one of the biggest parts of their lives.

scientific name for Mike is Mikeuis Sexyoulis Fuckaholicus. <3
1.Me: hey look at this kid! he is mad fucking hot!
My friend: DUHH. His NAme is MIke ! DUH

2. Syd: OMG! This kid loves music
kerry: DUh. HE is a total MIke
af damnvanitysex 26. juni 2010
The coolest person anyone could ever meet. He's by far got the biggest penis, and it is an honor to know this man. The manliest of men.
Person 1: Hey, i got these tickets to see your favorite band tonight!
Person 2: Actually i'm hanging out with Mike tonight.
Person 1: Oh wow! You're so lucky!
af johnnyappleseedjizzcakes 7. juli 2011
Mike steeles your heart, is perfect in every single way. He is a real man, a man you want to spend the rest of your life with. He is romantic leaving you hopelessly in love with him. Every time you are with him he makes you feel like a beautiful angel
An extraordinary man, always honest, he is loving, kindhearted, thoughtful and an absolute genius. He is perfection, inside and out.

He has most inviting eyes, easy to get lost in. a sweet however, extremely seductive grin. He is sexiest man alive. Two strong arms, the kind that make you feel safe. A rock hard six pack that goes along with his amazing chest. His chiseled cheeks and thick legs complete him. Truly he is the man of your dreams.
Everybody loves a Mike!
af LoveBird09 22. november 2010
The guy that is kind, and is a bit of a bad boy with tatoos and piercings. But his eyes capture your heart at every glance. He is the protective boyfriend/husband, which always reasures you that he loves you.

He is a guy that you wish loved you. When you feel the connection with Mike, it is impossible to let him go.

His kindness is true, and his laugh is contagious.

If you capture his heart, you are the luckiest girl around. Because if you want the awesome sex and realness of conversation and understanding, its a perfect match.
wow...Mike is dreamy!
Mike has the eyes of a sex god!

Mikes are so. like...puzzles

Im in love with Mike!
af TMNTChickie 30. september 2009
A guy who love to have fun with Echo Sound Woman.
Person 1 - 'Did you see that guy with Echo Sound Woman?
Person 2 - 'Yeah, he's such a Mike...'
af Slc97 18. juni 2011
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