Swiss German for mom or mommy
Mami make me lunch!
af rslovesch 4. april 2010
a springfield pennsylvania word that immature ugly gayass springfield guys made up meaning a girl that dresses "ghetto"
guy: " dude that girl is wearing hollister thats ghetto shes a mami "

* guy screams at girl, "mamiii!" *
af suckmybird123 11. februar 2011
one who uses sweaty balls as a shower
mami doing it again...
af jaocjeocjej 7. august 2009
any lady // black . latin . asian
af lee 20. juli 2003
A (usually young) woman with wide hips or big breasts and a youthful face, dressed in a sexy or revealing manner (probably dressed a little too old for her age).

Like many Spanish slang terms, the word "mami" is used mainly for dramatic effect, and sounds inappropriate if it's overused.

Similar to: dimepiece
"Daaaaamn, check out all the fly mamis in the spot !"
af handle187 31. oktober 2003
slang for the word police
" shit it's the mami "
af patrick mooney 26. maj 2008
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