Word to describe a confident action. Can be used while playing any sports. Usually said right before the action takes place or during the action. Always said in one sylable. One can only use this term when they know for a fact they will come through.
Pat: Dude I'll kill you in a 3-point contest!

Kyle: Hut!, yeah right you can't make shit!

Pat: (In the motion of shooting ball) KYLE!!
(shoots and scores)

Pat: Whats up now pussy? Thats the power of KYLE!
af WestHillzH1 2. februar 2008
one caught in between the hard knock life of being a thug and an emo. He Doesn't only cut himself he will cut you too!
Jake: Did you see that Kyle walk by!?

Nash: Yeah, I thought we were going to get cut for sure, But he's looking a little depressed so I think we're safe.
af minear 16. april 2008
A hicky given on the neck commonly more then once.
Omg Chelsea has a kyle.
af samsamsamadfdsfa 27. februar 2008
when one man sticks his penis in another mans asshole.
they kyled all night long.
af kyle grant 14. juni 2008
to duck/prone in call of duty 4 so that someone can jump on top of you and glitch (has to be old school game mode)
Dylan, come Kyle for me, i think i found a glitch!
af xmarcusrad 28. februar 2008
an awkard manhoe who wants to get in every girls pants, isnt very attractive, and has a bad acne problem.
kyle:hi, can i get in your pants

kyle:lets makeout
girl: ew, no!
af ksdahfkj 5. januar 2008
a prude, pimple-pooping, procrastinating, x-box addicted, slow, hopeless, lifeless queer who spends his days going to school, making bad grades, and then going straight home on fridays (like he has anything better to do). He then sits on his cheap ass watching television and lusting unmercefully about celebrities and people that go to his school. He sits in his little "shelter" for many hours at a time, so many that stretch marks have begun to develop on his lower back and hips stretching down to the butt. He eats dinner from 4 o'clock till around 9:30 that night, or, at least, he says he does. But really everyone knows that he fingers himslef in the ass with his toothbrush, and then spies on his brother and then they both go have passionate anal sex and give each other rimjobs in his "playroom". (Kinda spooky huh?) All the exercise this fat tub of shit and lard gets is at school. He cannot bench press his bodyweight (pussy), he cannot power clean his bodyweight (pussy), and worst of all he only squats 60 pounds over his bodyweight which is pathetic (also, pussy). His early maturity gave him an edge in middle school, but, now, other school childrenhave long gone caught him and past him. He will not make the junior varsity basketball team. He will not make the varsity 7-on-7 team, and he sure as HELL won't make varsity football. If he somehow makes varsity for playoffs it will be because he is the backup's backup's backup for deep snapping. Another sorry case of how bad he sucks at life and sports and school. Many girls wonder about him because he hasn't had a girlfriend since the seventh grade. That is pathetic. He is addicted to porn, and would much rather please himself than have a girl do it for him. He is very prude and would probably rather let a boy that he knows touch his penis, than letting a girl touch it. The final moral of the word is don't let your kids play video games and become lazy, non-working, fatass bastards.
"Whoa! Is that kyle I see outside?"
"Why, yes, I believe it is?"
"He never comes outside."
"Well, his dad just got a new toy. It's a projector that projects the imac screen onto the side of the house."
"Oh. What a queer. Now I know why he is 'cumming' outside more often."
"Yea, what a loser."
af GigEMfAggies1213 11. februar 2007

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