1. Barack Obama's Vice Presidental candidate. He is the old white guy that was too old and too white for the democratic party. Obama chose him for the ticket because he is actually qualified to be president and Obama knows in his heart that he is nothing more than a charlatan who can give a damn good speech. Joe Biden will perform Dick Cheney like duties while working for president Obama. He will do all the real work while Obama sits back in the oval office snorting cocaine and smoking pot. Essentially Joe Biden should have been voted as the Democratic Nominee but liberals are freaks who are obsessed with tree hugging and for some reason harbor all this white guilt that convinces them that having a black man as president will do some sort of good for the country as a whole.

2. The 45th President of the United States of America. Joe Biden took office after the assination of Barack Obama by Hillary Clinton.

3. The guy who let Barack Obama make a cuckold bukkake film with his wife in order to become vice president.

(Liberal Freak) "I'm going to vote for Barack Obama. This country needs a black president."

(Joe Biden) "I wish I were black. Then I could snort cocaine, smoke pot, have a racist pastor for 20 years and simply say I heard nothing, funnel money to convicted criminals (Tony Rezko), support the killing of babies that survived botched abortions, and have associations with known domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers) and still be considered a viable option for the presidency because of my skin color."
#homosexual #fag #mr. slave from south park #bitch made #nigger lover
af Barack Obama snorts cocaine 25. august 2008
Top Definition
The next Vice President of the United States.
Joe Biden will become the next Vice President of the United States when he and future President Barack Obama are elected into the White House.
#biden #joe biden #barack obama #obama #vice president #usa
af FirePengy 25. august 2008
Better than Sarah Palin.
Joe Biden > Sarah Palin
#joe biden #sarah palin #barack obama #john mccain #2008 presidentaial election
af SFBoi 10. oktober 2008
The future 47th Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden is the senior United States Senator from Delaware. Since taking office in 1973, Biden has been the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as well as having the distinction of being the fifth-youngest senator in U.S. history.
Joe Biden and Barack Obama give Americans change we can believe in.
#joe biden #barack obama #election 08 #democrat #john mccain #senator #delaware #joseph biden
af Kire120 27. august 2008
The VP pick for democrat Barack Obama. Since his election to the Senate, he's done more for America's foreign policy than George W. Bush could ever dream of doing. He kicked Sarah Palin's ass in the VP debate, and showed he's not an emotion-less robot when he choked up talking about his family.
Mom, could you pass the Joe Biden?
#barack obama #democrat #2008 election #john mccain #sarah palin #vice president
af ledzep999 6. oktober 2008
1. The United States Vice president-to-be.

2. Correctly pointed out that Sarah Palin is a hot piece of ass.
When the Obama conquers the republicans in upcoming elections Joe Biden will be VP.
#biden #joseph biden #sarah palin #barack obama #vice president
af starky 5. september 2008
Delaware senator running for vice-president in the 2008 election on the democratic ticket under Barack Obama.
Person 1: "Joe Biden did well in the debate last night."

Person 2: "Maybe, but he's not as adorable as Sarah Palin."

Person 1: "Well, I'm glad you know what to look for in your potential leaders. God bless America."
#delaware #barack obama #sarah palin #democrat #republican
af bigtones 4. oktober 2008
A verb of positive connotation implying a drastic and cathartic event has recently transpired in reference to an object. Also: appealingly destructive fornication; euphoric victory; assuming the role of dominant/alpha-male.
1: So how'd you do on that calculus midterm?
2: I just JoeBiden'd every one of my classmates AND that midterm.
1: You.. w-what?

2: In EVERY sense of the word.

1: I think I just became a woman.
2: You're welcome.
#joebidn #biden #victory #alpha #superman
af ThomBootyJefferson 30. januar 2014
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