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The third most intelligent creature inhabiting planet Earth. Omnivorous by nature, it is designed to eat animals and plants. Some of them, though, eat only plants claiming animal cruelty is bad. This is a lie. They are not humans, but an inferior race called vegans. If you meet one, run away as fast as you can and eat a cow. Humans claim they are more intelligent than dolphins because the animals have not constructed civilizations and advanced culturally, instead they spend their time playing, feeding, and mating. This same concept proves dolphins are more intelligent/
I am a human, I eat animals, I eat vegetables, I was created to destoy earth.
af hugo122 24. august 2006
An overemotional species that can turn whatever you throw at

them into an argument. Even though they are technically the most advanced species, they are also the dumbest. They are selfish and only want whats best for only themselves. Yet they need 1000+ friends on a social networking cite. With the largest brain on earth, they still lack simple problem solving skills as wars define them.
The humans dog didn't run away on accident, he was just tired of them arguing over how much food to put in his bowl
af If a bird could talk... 28. juli 2011
The single most boastful and ignorant species on Earth. These creatures are more animal than the other creatures they consider animals. they are not civilized at all. Most think they are the only "intelligent" creatures in the universe.
To sum up they (by they I mean we) are worthless.
George Carlin defines humans "we aren't civilized, no what we are is a semi-civilized species with baseball-caps and automatic weapons."
af slaphappyhippos 13. december 2010
human-----ur a douchebag
af roflolman12 4. november 2010
The proven medical condition of believing one is good, open minded, and loving when in all reality it is the opposite.

Humans may express the following symptoms:

Illogical Behavior
General lack of knowledge on the world around them
Hate Mongering without knowing
Habitual Lying
Being a dumb ass
Evangelicals: God loves everyone!

Atheist: I'm Atheist

Evangelicals: Your going to hell!

Atheist: I thought God loved everyone?

Evangelicals: That is the mystery of faith.

Atheist: More like the mystery of bullshit.

(NOTE: The example above describes an example in which the individual is acting Human. The word is not actually used. The example was intended to show what acting human is like.)
af James Mathew Anderson 18. maj 2010
a being that experiences feelings of agony, love, joy, pain, sadness, etc., has individual thoughts and reflexes, can make coherent (or non-coherent) decisions, has intrests such as litrature, philosophy, psychology, the arts, mathematics, engineering, buinding, creating, growing and prospering. Check Humanism.
You are human, so am I, and so is everybody you know!
af Alina B 8. september 2006
HUMAN (acronym). Stands for "Head Up My Ass Now." This refers to an embarrassing situation where one may say something that they may not have meant, or have done something to cause everyone to notice, esp. in a public setting. I.E., a social faux pas.
"Oh, man. I just can't believe what I said. I've got my HUMAN."
af back burner 6. september 2005