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Someone who bums over Glee. Who can't get enough, need more!! Raaaa.
" Glee's on now " " OMG, i think i'm going to cum. I LOVE Glee " " Your such a Gleetard " " Woo "
af Lauryn.Sparkles 11. februar 2010
156 42
A term to describe idiots that are obsessed with the show 'Glee'
She would be here having fun but instead decided to stay home and be a gleetard.
af bucknkd 28. december 2009
81 32
A Gleetard is one who is incredibly obsessed with the show Glee.
Dude I'm such a Gleetard, I can't stop obsessing over Glee.
af ChesterRyan 16. oktober 2009
53 25
For all the people who talk nonstop about the show "Glee".
"I can't believe you watch that show, you are such a gleetard!"
af MattNY12 7. oktober 2009
46 26
1) A completely retarded waste of a human being that likes the T.V. show Glee.

2) Whiny ass, diversity obsessed losers with an over-dramatic persecution complex.
Gay-ass high-school kids that sing about diversity are gleetarded.

glee gay loser whiny emo bitch lesbo
af jackrabbitslims 2. maj 2011
23 16
One with special needs that sings and is a part of your school choir.
af Trev-DaddyC 12. juni 2012
3 0
Someone who is homosexual and is in love with the show Glee.
My bestfriend is a gleetard. he has sex with men after he watches glee
af Theboy2613 13. januar 2011
18 22