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Extremely large; bigger than giant and enormous
I have a Ginormous Penis.
af Dan 8. marts 2002
778 228
overly large. taken from the words "gigantic" and "enormous" to form "ginormous."
Kid 1: Gee, paw. That cow sure has a ginormous utter.

(i'm so sorry)
af Emberlix 19. februar 2005
291 111
Humorously outsized.
"...he's only five foot three, but he drives around in this ginormous car."
af Aquillion 8. juli 2002
297 139
a combination of gigantic and enormous. more than very large. immense.
That horse has a ginormous wang.
af Ashley 20. februar 2005
115 61
Word meaning Giant and Enormous at the same time.
Those titties are Ginormous!
af Erock 11. november 2004
91 52
A word used when "gigantic" or "huge" or eve "enormous" just isn't big enough.
Dude, that house is ginormous!
af Aimee C. 27. september 2005
63 27
Something that is really, really big.
As Buddy says in the movie "Elf," "Have you seen these toilets? They're GINORMOUS!"
af John 17. april 2005
63 29