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A chinese restaurant located in SF.
Dude: Hey! Fuk U?

Badass goodlooking piece of a hot woman: Fuck off! *Smack*

Dude: *wraf*
af Fessus Fessheim 9. august 2006
29 17
Can typically start any internet rebuttal (There are exceptions, usually based on common sense) and sometimes ends with 'Also, Penis.' for an attempted humorous twist.
InternetGuy1: hay u faggt
internatsdood23: fuk u.
internatsdood23: Also, Penis.
af Raggs 31. juli 2008
15 12
Japanese school girl uniform popular in cosplay.
You are WAY to old to go in a fuku.
af Ash1231231231232123 19. februar 2011
7 5
A way to say, "Fuck You" to a higher authority without getting in trouble.
Teacher: Mr. Mayer, why didn't you do your home work
Mayer: I didn't have enough time mam
Teacher: That's not a good excuse
Mayer: Fuku lady!
af AchilliesHero05 28. august 2006
22 53