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The very essence of sexyness, has very much money, and makes it rain on them hoes. also likes to wear alot of gold.
Filip also is a word that can also be used instead of "chick magnet"
dammm that Filip is a boss,
Oh my god, i love Filip
Filip always gets all the girls
af The kingggg 3. januar 2009
578 161
an other word for "god";
godlike person
filip damn it! (instead of "god damn it")
af pussycat 12. januar 2005
441 222
a common male name in Croatia
originated from greek word philia, which could be translated as friendship

similar to american name Philip
(hereisonestupidexample) my name is filip
af pimrcina 9. marts 2008
167 116
Father of all the Filipinos
Filip fucked them all
af filipinos 12. oktober 2011
76 39
a small boy with unruly hair and a love of trance
"cha, he's such a filip"
af Kris 19. februar 2005
112 214
fat bastard
"oh my got look at filip, hes such a fat bastard"!
af marcus 2. november 2003
148 281
1. "a person who pretends to be something he's not"
2. "one who tries with great desperation to fit in with a certain crowd of people (goths, skaters, punks, preps, gangstas, etc.)
"hey weren't you gothic last week? now you're a gangsta? that's filip"
af Sabrie 28. december 2005
177 317