fuck you

comeback:Fuck urself its cheaper
2nd comback if somone say combac 1 to u: I prefer the expensive way
af stefan 6. juni 2003
Another name for a Ford Focus.
John drives a Fuckus.
af nrs 28. januar 2005
a poem, written with three lines with as many syllables per line as wanted by the author.

invented to spite haiku's and snobby poets
examples of fucku's:

i fucking hate haiku's
poems are supposed to be expressive
not held down by a bunch of lame rules

I hate people that write poetry
Always throwing definitions at me; like freeform
go fuck your mother Jeremy
af Ryan the Kid 1. november 2007
A combination of fuss and ruckus. A random misspeak that occurred when a friend was telling the day care lady to call her if her kid raised a "fuckus" when she was wanting to say fuss or ruckus. It came out as fuckus and caused a very embarrassing situation, and yet in retrospect very funny.

When a child is acting up, they are raising a fuckus. An extreem fit.
My son got into a bag of m&m's and then on a sugar high raised a major fuckus
af foofy 18. januar 2009
noise made when having sex, similar to ruckus
Me and my girlfriend were having sex and someone knocked on the door and said, "What is with all the fuckus?"
af oabf and gjl 1. september 2008
To focus on fucking.
Dude, after seeing Brad Pitt in his last movie, I couldn't focus at work, all I could do was fuckus on him!
af RachelCross 23. maj 2008
The act of having sex while for the purpose of clearing your mind so you can focus in order to study, write of get work done.
#1 "How was your weekend? Did you get that paper done?"

#2 "Yeah, I finished it on Sunday. I couldn't write all week so I had to fuckus!" "Got it done!"

"I need to fuckus this weekend so I can get started on that big project"
af jeaw1 6. december 2009

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