An emo kid is an individual who listens to music that really is emotive and is actually proper music ie not pop or dance crap. We dont cry all the time, we cry inside because this world is an awful place and we dont fit in. We wear baggies, band tshirts or a tshirt over a sweater, converse basketball boots (odd pairs)and messenger bags. We dont all have to wear it, we can wear what we want because we dont care. We often get called posers- ok u call us that but the only thing we pose is real emotion. Oh and we can be happy, i'm smiling now.
"This won’t mean a thing come tomorrow
and that’s exactly how I’ll make it seem
Cause I'm still not sleeping,
thinking I’ve crawled home from worse than this"- Taking Back Sunday
af Emily 11. december 2004
Emo kids.

There are many kinds of emo kids. there are Emo Kids who recognize themselves as emo kids. Although some are posers, some aren't. They just happen to realize that it would be easier for the other kids to label them like that. They feel for other people. They don't have to cut or do something totally rebellious to be an emo kid. They don't have to wear black or shop at hot topic.

All they have to do is be true to themselves. If the emo kid likes playing American Football, that doesn't mean he's a jock posing as an emo kid or the other way around.

Emo kids are people who are true to themselves. They call themselves what they want. They do what they want. They are polite, but honest. They are only very rude when the person they are talking to doesn't deserve respect. Emo kids tend to show what they feel to other people, whether that is love, hate, depression or sadness. that's why they're called EMO-tive KIDS.

NOT all emo kids have slashes on their wrists. NOT all emo kids have an ex they cry about and write poems about. NOT all emo kids have an lj, where they post sad stuff about. NOT all emo kids shop in hot topic. NOT all emo kids are gay. NOT all emo kids have floppy hair styles. NOT all emo kids are over dramatic about the smallest things in life. NOT all emo kids listen to just 'emo bands' or songs with meanings, although most love to.

What I'm trying to say is.. That an emo kid, is someone who is 'EMO' because that's who he is. Not because it is 'scene' or the hottest trend now. It is simply because that's who he is
Kid1: Hi. tell me about yourself
Emo kid: I'm an emo kid.
Kid2: yeah. he cuts his wrists and sings to dashboard confessional. He's gay too.
Emo Kid: I don't. I'm just in touch with my inner feelings...
Kid2: see. he is gay. I mean what kind of a guy is 'in touch with his inner feelings'???
Kid1: ...
Emo Kid: -__-'
af Jake Sinclair 5. september 2006
There are several different types of Emo Kids.

1.The Baggie Emo- Wears baggie jeans (usually bootcut). Wears long T-shirts usually baught at Hot Topic. Wears colorful T-shirts on laundry day, but makes it a point to tell everyone how much they hate the shirt and why they are being forced to wear it. Usually tries to avoid these days by resorting to washing the black shirts themselves when one's mother refuses. Whieght varies. Hardly any 'Baggie Emos' are skinny. Wears ratty converse ( hight-top or low-top) or large boots. Lots of bracelets, a choker or long chain, multple peircings, the typical emo haircut, usually wears black nail polish. Carries messenger bag with pins, patches, and black marker graffiti. Just as many cutters as non-cutters. May have an eating disorder, but not extreme enough to show. Doesn't talk much. Chatters constanly around friends and laughs a lot only around friends. Appears depressed around outsiders and makes threats that they never attended to carry out to anyone who talks to them. A great friend when you get past the threats. Some maybe gay or bi, but just as many are straight. Usually female, but there are males. Listens to typical roack and metal. May sneak some Oldies or the like. Despises Preps and hates Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, etc. Can not STAND wiggas or 'gangstas.' May do drugs.

2.The Skinny Emo- Always extremely skinny. Not always due to eating disorder, but an eating disorder isn't unusual. Usually wears black band T-shirts that are as tight as possible. Usually has a white, thin long sleeved shirt underneath. Always wears old converse of varrying colors usually high-top. Multipe piercings. Usually plays an instrument. May carry drum sticks in back pocket. Typical emo haircut. Carries messenger bag with pins, patches, and black marker graffiti. Just as many cutters as non-cutters. Listens to all kinds of music. May be confused with a 'Punk.' Both genders wear eyeliner. May wear black nail polish. The Skinny Emo is rarely female. Some may be gay or bi, but just as many are straight. May do drugs.

3.The Wannabe Emo- Usually young. May see an older emo and can relate to them. Are positive they are Emo at heart, but not always true. Attempts the emo haircut, and wears too much emo jewelry and eyeliner. Wears too much black clothing. May slip up and forget to wear something. Draws on fake cuts or scratches themselves. Brags that they 'cut.' Boasts that they do drugs, but most do not actually do them. Most will pass this wannabe phase, but some will progress to full 'Emo-ness.'

These are just a few examples of emos. The following apply to all types of emos.

1.Some cut, some do not.
2.Some are gay or bi, some are not.
3.All hate preps, but may have some friends who are preps, but try to recruit them.
4.Most are happy with themselves and will fight any suggestions of phsychiatry.
5.Some really have attempted suicide.
6. Most do not call themsleves emo, but will to defend themselves when they are called Goth, Punk. etc.
8.Half do drugs, half do not.
9. All listen to rock-type music, and all relate to the lyrics. It's all about the lyrics!!!!
10.Seem depressed to everyone but their friends. Laugh a lot when around their friends. Some bottle up their feelings, which may cause random bursts of severe emotion, which may lead to suicide, cutting, or deppression.
11.Most have had people (teachers, parents, family, close friends) suggest or threaten with mental help.
12.Majority are into anime and manga.
13.Most don't like to talk.
14.Like to write, whether it be poems, songs, or stories.
15.Most are very intelligent.
16.Love the world, just not its inhabitants.
17.See the earth as a beatiful thing that is being ripped apart by humanity. Something needs to be done.
18.Use big words.
19.Trashes about the government and society's labels.
20.Hates authority.
Emo Kid: Dude, turn that rap down!!!!!!!!!!
"Normie": Goth!
Emo Kid: *Flushes angrily* I am not Goth! I'm...emo...
"Normie": *Laughs* Go slit your wrists emo!
Emo Kid: *Eyes flash with anger and punches the normie.* Idiot. *Picks up book, slings messenger bag over shoulder and walks away. Hands in pockets, head down, hair in eyes. Eyes smiling slyly.*
af XxFading SmilesxX 10. september 2006
i see all these people bag on emo kids and in truth if they ever get stuck in a hole then they can tell how it feels to be "emo" YES I AM EMO. the whole clothing thing is another way to show other emo people that they arent alone because inside every emo kid as much as life does suck and as much as some do cut (i dont myself) everyone wants to know they arent alone. alot of things can make someone emo and most have been pointed out but unlike most of the jerks who try to bring me down i know how to be a man and let other people live their lives accepting that we are all different. just because i want to wear make up and tight girls jeans why do i deserve all the hate that gets put on emo kids? i know this isnt much of a definition but to anyone who reads this try to understand that we cant help who we are inside.
EMO KID: im just sad thats all
GIRL: i want to hug you
EMO KID: eek get her off of me!
GIRL: you get me all excited then you shoot me down!
EMO KID: ok you can hug me.......but only for a second or two..

af lats 18. september 2005
one that listens to emo but chooses not to use the spacebar.

probably has a livejournal.
wow look at that emokid cry!
af Peta 27. juni 2004
Music/Lifestyle that involves using emotions to express themselves. Poetry/Lyrics can be a popular way of expressing an "emo kid's" feelings. An "emo kid" is not always sad and depressed, contrary to beliefs. Music is usually a huge influence in an "emo kid's" life.
"Emo Kid" Bands: Dashboard Confessional, The Spill Canvas, The Used,Hawthorne Heights,Eve 6, Relient K
af Alyssa 25. marts 2005
First of all, anyone who calls themself "emo" is obviously a poseur. Emo kids are usually called that by other people, and they just don't fit in. They like Fugazi etc. or more modern post-emo music. Emo kids tend to wear really tight pants black-rimmed glasses, and hang out with either the druggies, or the straight edge ones hang out with themselves. Ultimately, an emo kid is a person, usually a teenager, who is still trying to find out who they are, so they want to be like the angry or sad music they listen to because they can relate to it.
the few kids who sit in the corner of the cafeteria alone, ignore everyone else unless they're making fun of them, and still have fun.
af Arielle 16. maj 2004
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