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A glorified pawn shop for video games. The only place where you can buy a game in poor condition for more than it's worth. If you trade in a whole bag of games, you'll be lucky to get $5.00.
Don't buy games from EBgames, support your local gaming store.
af Fat Chick Thrilla 11. februar 2008
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The lesser of 2 evils. It's either GameStop, or EB Games.

Though both do pay you nearly nothing for used games, EB Games tends to give more in-store credit for those who wish to do that instead of getting cold hard cash.

EB Games has a wider selection, more console support, and the customer service usually acts like customer service should, unlike GameStop where they try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff you don't need, and don't babble in your ear about their personal opinions.
EB Games Scenario

EB Games: Welcome. How may I assist you today?

Me: I just would like to get Battlefield 2 for PC.

EB Games: Alright, here you are, we index all of our games so we actually know what people are looking for.

Me: How much will this come to.

EB Games: Only about $10.

Me: Ah, that's nice.

EB Games: *Rings up game* Have a nice day.

Me: You too.

GameStop Scenario

GameStop: YO! What are you looking for today man?

Me: Just Battlefield 2 for PC.

GameStop: Nah man, get Battlefield 2142! Way better!

Me: No, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Why? It's got future weapons!

Me: I already said, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Do you have an ID to verify your age?

Me: You're kidding right?

GameStop: Sorry sir, we need ID for EVERYONE who buys games rated over E.

Me: I thought it was M.

GameStop: Alright sir calm down. If you don't have an ID I can't sell you the game.

Me: ...

GameStop: If you buy Battlefield 2142 I will not card you. ;-)

Me: LISTEN! I do NOT want to buy Battlefield 2142! I already own it, and I want Battlefield 2. I don't care to listen to your stories about how it's so much better. JUST RING UP MY DAMN GAME!

GameStop: Do you have ID?

Me: ...FUCK YOU. I'm going to EB Games. Have fun being a virgin forever, chicks don't like guys who masturbate to half-naked 3D characters in games. Do us all a favor, and just die.
af Da Milkman 16. juli 2009

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