A person with a political belief system that has absolute faith in the ability of man to govern and no faith in a real living God that bestows freedom and liberty upon man to make his own path because of the rights given by that same God, ie, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
A democrat is one that believes it's okay to lie, steal, cheat and kill, as long as it keeps either themselves in power or someone that will grant them favors paid for by the labor of others.
Only a democrat would define a tax cut as stealing from the poor because they believe that anyone that makes over 200 thousand a year should be punished. Bad earner, bad...
af Think 12. oktober 2004
a left of center political party taht fights for corporate control, social welfare, racial equality, gender equality, workers rights, environmental protection,womens rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, fair treatment for all,against fascism,nazi-ism,corporate greed,cronyism,destruction f the environment etc.
in my opinion, though totally irrelavent, the better party
Why didn't you vote for the democrats dude?
repuke:"duh! faggots dont need rights...lets take the escaade to walmart
af trevor_clark_12@yahoo.com 29. december 2005
a political party who fights for civil rights. They also support the poor with welfare programs to make the middle class stronger.in order to create wellfare programs taxes must be raised to fund them. Now in my opion if the rich get taxed heavly and big buisnesses do to,it creates more small buisnesses and when theres more small buisnesses theres more conflict now if this happens the country will grow as a whole.many philosphers and great thinkers support the Democrat Theory.
Democrats unite the people of america have nothing to loose but there chains
af johnyhoff 14. marts 2005
(1)The portion of the American people that realize that the entire world wants them dead because of their country's insistence on raping the rest of the world to make a buck.

(2)Unfortunately, the portion of the American people falsely represented by the Bush administration that will unjustly get their asses kicked when the rest of the world comes knocking
"If only Americans were all republican, then i wouldn't have any sympathy at all"
-The World
af A real christian 28. november 2004
One of the two major political parties in the United States, the Democrats evolved from the more primitive Democratic-Republican party in the 1800's. party platform tends to be more liberal than Republican policy. usually pro-environment, pro-choice, and pro-rights. Also generally caters to the middle- and lower classes, instead of the wealthy.
guys, if you're gonna put up a definition, define. If you wanna bitch about how "evil" people who don't agree with you must be, rant about it in your next KKK meeting, okay?
af Shwaggy 29. januar 2004
Democrats democrats are best people in the country. they dont look away at poverty, and try to help the community to make it better for example chicago.
Ever since Chicago got democrats as mayors it is geting cleaner and cleaner
af chris guzik 4. september 2005
Smart people who...

1- Feel that a fetus, who has no memories, loves none and cares about nothing is not yet truly living.

2- Feel that Marraige is a human privledge, not a heterosexual right.

3- Realise that curing aids and cancer, and restoring organs without needing to find a donor by using previouly aborted fetuses would be a miracle, and are confused as to why people can't see that.

4- Feel that people should care about more then padding their wallets.

5- Feel that a country should not use the advantage of the anger people feel because thousands were killed on 9/11 by AFGHANISTAN to go to war on IRAQ.

6- Believe in the consititution, and how it calls for Seperation of Church and State

7- Are human.
The Democrat shook his head sadly as Bush made a constitutional amendment that allows hate and praises it by banning a human right from a certain group of people.
af PushBush(OffACliff) 4. januar 2005

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