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Down To Get Hosed- This is basically a word a girl can use when she is open for sex and/or sexual relations with one or more partners. The girls is interested in getting hosed down by a penis (es) filled with semen. She is interested in sex.
Friend: "There are a lot of sexy guys here at this meeting. You should have come!"

Me: "WHAT? Ok, tell all the really cute ones that I am DTGH. Ok?"

Friend: "Ok, should I give them your number?"
af IceBomb13 19. september 2010

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Down to give head.
Don't dress like, you're screaming 'I'm DTGH!'
af Logolightly 8. oktober 2010
down to get high.
yo bro you DTGH and fuck some bitches?
af dj davey blackashell 30. december 2010