Laid back or calm
"The gym is chill"
af Anonymous 10. april 2003
Calm down, relax.
Why are u gettin so mad, chill.
af Anonymous 20. marts 2003
An adjective that I find easiest to use when I'm high. Laid back, easy-going, cool.
I feel hella chill right now... lets smoke another blunt.
af Goast 27. februar 2003
thats chill
af chillybear 26. februar 2003
1.Someone who is chillin'
bob:see tony over there just chillin'
steve:dam hes hella chill
Andrew:i wish i was him!!
af steewaffle 14. august 2009
thats hot, thats awesome,
"hey i just got a cat!"
"man thats chill!"
af lovinglife(: 7. april 2009
A word that scene kids use wwwaaaaayyyyyy too much!
I am so chill right now...

So I just drank a daiquiri and now I'm chill

Fuckin scene kids! Fags.
af xlsloshlx 2. marts 2009

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