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When one's titties closely resemble a large brown pancake with sausage protruding out of the middle. When the commonly know pancake titty and sausage nips morph together to form a grotesque adaptation of the female fun bags.
Dude I was finna bone Bonquisha till I saw dem breakfast titties, I didn't know waffle house had a topless menu.
af zoophile gang 16. juli 2012
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Sloppy titties only made appetizing by the addition of syrup. Also accompanied by a scramble egg tummy and cottage cheese ass. Typically found on lot lizards or walking in casino's after 1:30A.M. Coined by Mdub
Damn, I wanted to have a $1.99 Grand slam breakfast until i saw those Breakfast titties, can we just go home?

Dude, I lost all of my money and now all that is here is breakfast titties!
af loki1977 8. august 2009
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