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An ass attack is when you are feeling completely normal without the feeling of having to take a shit. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere you have to shit and shit BAD!! You pretty much have less than one minute to find a toilet. It can happen anytime or anywhere.
I was standing in my kitchen feeling completely normal making dinner then all of a sudden I had an Ass Attack, so I ran to the bathroom and pulled my pants down just in time to make it in the toilet.
#assattack #diarrhea #prairie dogging #shit #crap
af Tim_M_G 18. februar 2009
the runs, diarrhea
after eating that enchilada I had an ass attack
af moi 8. december 2003
the sudden attack of the anus
joey planned a stealthy ass attack
#ass #attack #anus #butthole #atttack!
af KiNkyKelLy 30. juli 2006
Giving it hard, deep and fast in your anal orfice
my girlfriend loves an ass attack...she loves it
af Anonymous 25. august 2003
When a man unexpectdly gives another man anal.
Mike gave Tim an ass attack.
af xlmafia 10. marts 2003
Being REALLY REALLY stoned, resulting in your ass falling asleep. See stoned
Dude, after smoking that blunt, I felt an ass attack coming on.
af Navras 27. juli 2005
to become sudddenly very emotional - surprised, angry etc.
to have an ass attack = to flip out
af Bob Jr. 24. oktober 2003
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