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8 definitions by the gabba goul

brilliant film...the portrait of a lonely disenfranchised member of society who has been cast aside because of his failure to conform to the ideals that have swept over his community...Robert Deniro stars as Travis Bickle, a Vietnam Veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, the movie delves into his psyche which becomes more and more fatigued with each passing day, encountering the lowest rung of society. The movie climaxes in a crescendo of blood and violence in which Trais brings about a proverbial "rain" in which to cleanse the city of the scum who have ruined it. This movie has been blamed for many violent acts that have been committed in America, in the same way that now-a-days people probably would blame Travis for blowing away a bunch of scumbags including a pimp and a john, but infact, just as Travis ultimately earned commendation, so should this film, it can not be believed that this movie was ever the inspiration for any incouragable acts, but rather the warning light that such things will go on if we as a society continue to allow the scum of the earth to reign supreme and shit on all that does not conform to it's slimy ways...
Taxi driver is a misunderstood epic...a legend in filmmaking and possibly one of the top 10 greatest movies ever made...
af the gabba goul 9. januar 2005
166 28
sambo food, see pig ass holes...
says Le-Roy...we's a gonna havs us a mess o muh-stad greenz and chitlinz tonight, and wash's it 's all's down wit a colt foty five...o' maybe's a shlitz...
af the gabba goul 9. januar 2005
224 169
Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum from Guatamala, charachterized by the royal palm wapper around the bottle...and the fact that is goes down so easy that getting drunk or "wacky" from it is almost a certainty...
"Ay yo Sonny...you want a shot of JW or Remy?"

"Neither, just gimme some of that Wacky Zacky you're hiding behind the bar"
af the gabba goul 2. august 2005
15 7
Americanized Italian Slang, usually used as an exclaimation for something that is a stroke of either good or bad luck.
Hey, I just found a $100.00 bill on the sidewalk...S'FORTUNATO!!!
af the gabba goul 22. januar 2005
39 41
derrogatory Italian term for a colored person, interchangeable with coon, gi-rilley, jungle bunny, etc...
'ay Tommie, lets go beat the tar outta that mulignone standing by your car...
af the gabba goul 8. januar 2005
18 21
salted dried cod that smells like dirty cooz, most Italians wont even eat this stuff...although first introduced to the world by way of Italy, it is also very popular in the west indies and latin america where it is sometimes called salt fish...
I love everything about Italian food...but I just cant bring myself to eat that baccala...
af the gabba goul 9. januar 2005
21 28
(formerly) secret derogatory term used to describe a colored person (derived from the Italian mulignone)
I cant stand those gi-rilleys, in private I call em every name in the book, but in public I have to be a bit more diplomatic, so I refer to them as moll and johnnies, and they are so stupid, they dont know what I'm talking about...
af the gabba goul 8. januar 2005
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