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An exclamation used to express surprise.
Shit on a taco! that was scary
#holy shit #balls on a stick #leaping lizards #holy moly #eek
af taboo fat cat 17. juni 2011
When one defecates in a public area and when confronted blames the dog.
When Jackson shit in Devons pond he used the 'blame it on the dog' technique.
#vandalism #defecation #lying #blaming animals #dog
af taboo fat cat 17. juni 2011
When your swimming in your friends pond and you can't hold it in so you shit in his pond. Sadly you forget that shit floats and you are forced to blame it on the neighbors dog and join your friend in complaining to the neighbors.
He engaged in a fluffy floater fib.
#pond #shit #lie #dog #stupidity
af taboo fat cat 17. juni 2011
A drug to shrink the penises of men who's penis can no longer fit in their pants.
When your penis is over 3 ft long you need shriagra.
#viagra #penis #shrinkage #drugs #combination
af taboo fat cat 17. juni 2011
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