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Usually in a family or friend group, but occasionally single or in pairs, American Tourists are a annoyance on anyone trying to have a good holiday in another country. Europe would have to be worst place to find these fools, particularly in popular tourist spots such as venice, paris or rome. Also likely to say, annoying, cliched, ignorant things and ask stupid questions repeatedly. I recently went to Germany and Italy with my brother and friends, so we comprised a list of every stupid thing we heard an american say. (It was tourist season and the world cup, so there were a few).

"Can someone tell me where the Pontavecio is?" - In a gold shop, on the Pontavecio, Florence, Italy.

"Wow, you guys are from Austria! It only took you like an hour or so to get here." - To me and friends wearing our AUSTRALIAN supporters gear at the World Cup.

"Korea, thats in Europe right?" - American after a Korean game.

"What time is it in American right now?" "We are six hours before you, so it is 7 am." "That's crazy, how could anybody be before us." - American father talking to German Railway Officer.

"Where's the nearest McDonalds?" - American Women in Italy

"Where can I meet Ronaldo?" - Young American Child (He could be excused)

"GO RONALDINHO GO!" - Watching a world cup game against France and Korea, WTF!!!

"How much is this in American Dollars?" "Thats why we have the exchange board over here." "What's exchange?" - Women trying to buy a 50 euro cents map.

and my personal favourite....

"That's definitly not a pizzeria." - American Woman leaving a glass shop.
American Tourist: I think Argentina will win (Argentina winning 6-0 with 30 seconds remaining).
Me: Thanks Captain obvious.

Europe is great, but travel at your own risk, American Tourists are everywhere causing sevre head damage.
af pagis88 11. oktober 2006
A man i idolise not because he looks "HAAWWWTTT" in drainpipes or with black spiked hair. I idolise him because he is an amazing musician and songwriter and has taught me more about writing and perfoming music than anyone one this planet. Put simply he is just a man, but complexely, an ideal, that a short boy from a disadvantaged family can turn himself into not only the frontman for the greatest show on earth at the moment, but an inspiration for all the guitar slinging punks out there.

Good work billie, can't wait for the new album.

P.S. I don't care what they say, American Idiot was Rad!
billie joe armstrong is my hero!
af pagis88 28. november 2006
I like rice, it's good when you're hungry and you want 2000 of something.
Fried Rice is Tasty.
af pagis88 25. oktober 2006
An arrogant cocklord! Don't get me wrong, Blink we're one of my favourite bands growing up and i still listen to them to this day, but Tom seems like an absolute jerk! Mark and Travis are cool and all, but before the self-titled album came out, Tom said it would blow everyone's mind. It turned out mediocore at best and had none of the catchy-pop like toilet humor that we had learned to love from Enema of the State, Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat. After they broke up he started A.V.A and said it was gonna be huge and epic. Its not bad, but comeon Tom, epic? Its not like its the Star Wars trilogy or something. If your reading this, just learn not to hype it up too much and fail to deliver.
"Keep your head still, i'll be your thrill, the night will go on, my little windmill.."

Sounds like Tom Delonge ran outta words...

Anyone else notice mark writes much better songs?
af pagis88 11. september 2006
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