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6 definitions by l-nice

an italian family that ruled detroit and chicago with an iron fist during the thirties and forties.
dude dont screw around with him hes a pascuzzi.
af l-nice 1. juli 2006
19 3
a name for someone whose a snitch.
yo ryan told on connor again for looking at porn. what a narc.
af l-nice 1. juli 2006
27 17
like saying got'em or owened to someone.
yo cam got dumped by christina and got a d on his test. hangin.
af l-nice 30. juni 2006
3 30
the city of danbury conneticut.
yo my man c-nice is reppin tha d block.shit yo,dat kid is crazy.he trappin' all day
af l-nice 30. juni 2006
43 71
when someone does something stupid.
dude when you shot urself with that paintball gun, i was laughing but the move on your part was pretty dick.
af l-nice 2. juli 2006
9 44
another word for something nasty.
yo dude what does this taste like? gray.
af l-nice 1. juli 2006
36 158