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14 definitions by killmeihavenolife

rare disease which causes dickenpox contracted through sexual contact with a transvestite cadaver
o shit i have herpasyphilaids
af killmeihavenolife 25. december 2009
12 0
the act of having anal sex in the snow
cody likes to go have the penguin with kody
af killmeihavenolife 25. december 2009
14 3
the failure to jizz on santa claus
i hope it will be a white jizzmas
af killmeihavenolife 25. december 2009
12 2
have sex with a dead underage animal of the same sex.
(GUY1)dude check that dead male puppy im gonna fuck it
(GUY2)u HomoNecroPedoBeastlity bitch
af killmeihavenolife 30. august 2008
11 2
a rare strain of hepatitis x
o fuck i have dickenpox!!!!!!
af killmeihavenolife 25. december 2009
9 1
a peice of shit hanging from your penis after giveing anal
guy 1 well i fucked amanda up the ass
Guy2 how was it?
Guy 1 good until i got a christmas ornament
af killmeihavenolife 5. november 2009
8 0
1.leaving badonkadonk
2.a bi person's badonkadonk
1.(a person staring as some big assed lady leaves) Byedonkadonk)
2.i want some of that byedonkadonk.
af killmeihavenolife 23. september 2007
11 3