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Skank Panties. Tacky, gaudy panties worn by skanks...or normal women who are wanting to spice up their love lives by being a bit risque.
David: What the hell are those?

Michelle: These are my new skanties. Got 'em at Victoria's of Hollywood. Do you like them? They're crotchless AND rear-less!

David: What color are they? That color's not found in nature, is it?

Michelle: It's a mixture of fuchsia, pink and orange. The sequins around the openings are blue, with mink fur accents. Motley Crue is in town, and fuchsia is Tommy Lee's favorite color. Do you think he'll like them? I doubt if I'll be wearing them long enough for him to notice, but it's the thought that counts, ya know?

David: You're so skanky, but I have to admit that I do love the skanties!
af greyborzoi 20. maj 2010
Combination of velocity and oscillator. Used to describe a driver on the same road as you, usually a lonely highway. You're traveling at a constant rate of speed, but that other jerk will go a little faster than you, pass you, and you'll be rid of him...but then he decides he's going too fast and lets off on his gas...then his car slowly makes his way back to you, and you pass him...then he speeds up and passes you...and then slows down....and over and over again. Usually ends up with you flooring your accelerator and putting so much distance between you that he can never catch up. Usually an old person, or someone from up north whose mind doesn't work quite right.
Me, to wife: What the hell is that guy doing?
Wife: Who?
Me: That douche right there. I passed his slow ass two miles back and he's crept up on me...now he's passing me. Why does he keep changing speeds? He's a veloscillator!
Wife: Don't let it eat you up inside. Put some love in your heart.
Me: NOW what is he doing? He's slowed down and I have to look at his dumb face again!
Wife: Well, he's behind you now. You sure are handsome.
Me: Look at him! Now he's passing me! Is he in love with me? Is my profile that awesome??!?!
Wife: Well, actually it is. He might have a crush on you.
Me: LOOK AT THIS GUY! Now I've passed him....I'm so sick of this shit! VRRROOOOOMMM.....let's see this asshole catch me now!
af greyborzoi 31. juli 2009
When you're peeing and a fart has developed. You try to hold it in, but when you finally are forced to let it go, the resulting release of pressure makes your pee stream get stronger, sending pee onto the underside of the toilet lid. Akin to the recoil of a rifle, hence the term "peecoil".
Andrea: How the hell do you manage to get pee on the underside of the toilet lid?

David: Those burritos I had last night gave me gas, and the peecoil from a huge fart is what's responsible for the peed-on toilet seat.

Andrea: Kinda like a rifle, huh? Well, it looks like a rifle you have there in your hand.

David: Yep...a Kentucky long rifle.
af greyborzoi 14. april 2009
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