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Comedian who has his own show on comedy central. He makes funny satires of the black race, and I think the only reason he can get away with it is because he is, himself, black. ;) not hatin', though. Love black people, asians, whatever. No racism in my house, except on chapelle's show. Very funny man, he imitates r. kelly, and li'l jon, among other people and things.
can i see your proof of insurance?


can i see your proof of insurance?


can i see your proof of insurance?


can i see your proof of insurance?

af deldelda 29. juli 2004
World record holder for fastest tremolo picking on a guitar, 46 notes per second. He has a nervous codition which allows him to pick that fast (or so I read ...)

Lead guitarist for the norwegian death metal band Mr. Cucumber. Has song called 'Caspersen's Secret Fetish".

Guy who amazes me, by proving that, even if you have a nervous condition, you can sill play the guitar good enough to get into the guiness book of world records.
umm he is his own example lol
af deldelda 29. juli 2004
Street-Lingo for Napoleon Dynamite. Also said by 10 year old nerds who crack up anytime someone says the word idiot.
Person with street cred: yo bitch, nappy-d is da bomb! If you can't dig it, you're an idiot!

10 yr-old nerd: d00d leik you said idiot! omglol!!1
af deldelda 17. marts 2005
Greatest. Drummer. Ever. For Dream Theater.

Many people say that Neil Peart of Rush is a better drummer than he is. Fact is, he isn't. You see, Peart is more influetial on his off-beat drumming skillz, but Portnoy has more skillz period. So Portnoy would be the better drummer, Peart would be the better influence.
This is like Jimi Hendrix - Yngwie Malmsteen. Doing a battle.

Jimi Hendrix's skillz, although very great, were not quite as good as Yngwie's. He was, however, a great influence to pretty much every other guitarist in the world.

Yngwie Malmsteen, may be one of the most talented guitarists ever to walk this earth. However, he took all his skillz from the greats before him, and expanded on their ideas.
af deldelda 29. juli 2004
Someone who thinks they are really gud but sux0rz.
d0ude, j0u isare teh 1337 pozar basrad fagort! Jyou faile itt!
af deldelda 29. juli 2004
Before I give my definition, I would like to point out that I have had kazaa for three years (used it often too) and have never had a virus ... jeez, for the first year I didn't even HAVE anti-virus!

Enough rants ...

A free peep-2-peep p2p program that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another. It incurs many legal battles. Can be used for songs, and games, but mainly for pr0n.
1. Dude, I got none of those viruses from kazaa ... why people make such fuss?

2. Dude, I'm downloading some pr0n from kazaa 2nite, wanna come over?.
af deldelda 30. juli 2004
when a religious person realizes a non-religious (or religious) person is in need of God's love and help, they say this to tell them to come over to christianity (or to re-find God).

Also could be something said in the bed, if ya know what I mean ...
1. James, you suicide! Come to Jesus!
2. Oh, baby, come to Jesus, COME TO JESUS!
af deldelda 29. juli 2004
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