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To shit and fart at the same time. half shit half fart. A wet fart.
So yesterday I sharted in my pants, it was nasty.
af cretard 10. september 2008
A persons hands
Keep your dick skinners off of my stuff woman.
af cretard 9. september 2008
The time proceeding partaking in a 4:20 ritual when enough time has passed to fully understand just how high you are.
"and then it hit me, I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30, and I was really high."
af Cretard 23. februar 2014
Someones mouth
Stop talking shit girl, shut your cock pocket.
af cretard 9. september 2008
someones butt
Man did you see the turd cutter on that girl?
af cretard 9. september 2008
Someones mouth
Quiet woman, shut your cum dumpster.
af cretard 9. september 2008
A crazy retard
Man, stop acting like a cretard.
af cretard 9. september 2008
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