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17 definitions by chrekol

Someone who is physically attractive to him/herself, more than to others, in a sexual way.

From ipse (self) + sexual.
"I don't think of myself as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual. I'm mostly ipsexual."
af Chrekol 10. juli 2005
43 11
a gentle summer rain
The cloud juice began to fall, and I thought I was gonna melt into my seat. What a great night it was.
af Chrekol 2. juli 2005
28 2
To be raised, be heightened, go up.
"The quality of submissions is upanup."
af Chrekol 4. juli 2005
40 17
feeling of being listless, bored, or dull
Nothing happened today, it was blickety blah.
af Chrekol 2. juli 2005
27 4
The nervous feeling felt in one’s wrists and sometimes collarbone.
I started getting wrist spikes two hours before the test even started!
af Chrekol 2. juli 2005
27 5
One's personal buzz words.
My bombi include 'berb', 'chipper', 'convo', and 'fugly'.
af Chrekol 2. juli 2005
28 6
an exasperated version of 'God', used in place of a *sigh*
Good Ghod, I'm tired of all this drama!
af Chrekol 2. juli 2005
39 22