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A word similar to childish, used to define someone who acts like a kid in most cases. However it does not have to mean immature but simply acting like someone of a young age, or showing something that relates to a kid.

My girlfriend wanted me to go to the playground with her then go back to her place and eat cookies and milk to me that just seems kiddish.

The toy aisle at walmart is very kiddish
af Zyonryu 5. december 2009
Masturbating all day non stop for the sheer purpose of getting rid of boredom, or in some cases expressing your hatred of Sara Palin through sexual pleasure.

Not to be confused with the phrase "gregging it" which is masterbation into a hat.
Examples: 1)"I was so mad when Sara Palin but out going rouge that I just had to start greging it."

"Today I looked up pornography on the internet and started greging it because I was bored"

2)"Hey did you here what Sara Palin did the other day?"

"Yeah, i'm going to protest by greging it."

A person who would start gregging it would be someone who goes out on weekends and attempts to get laid, or someone who is very democratic.
af Zyonryu 13. december 2009
A slang term meaning that one has been misinformed or hearing amount of bullshit or false information by itself. Not to be confused with ejaculation in one's ear or earwax.
Example 1:"You think bush actually did a good job because your republican friend told you that, well that's just the thejizzinyourear."

Example 2: "Stacy isn't cheating on you, well that's just the thejizzinyourear."
af Zyonryu 24. oktober 2010
A word or phrase which represents being butch to an extreme. Butch being defined as super lesbian, or cross dressing as a male/dragging. Often used by gay guys and lesbians but can be used by someone of the straight sexuality as a derogatory term in very rare circumstances.
Someone who would be diken' it would be a woman with a mohawk, lots of camo, a truck with flames on it, and a leather jacket with a pin attached saying call me ladies.

Notice only women can dike it.

Example 1: I saw Jennifer making out with another and the next day she came to school in a leather jacket, and army boots and plad, man she was really diken it'.

Example 2: Katie had recently grown her hair short to look like a boy," oh hell yeah shes diken it."

Example 3: Mistyyy just got back from pride fest with 3 girls, as she should them her guns, "wow she was diken' it!"
af Zyonryu 16. december 2009
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