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4 definitions by Tempest Lefavre

Karma for cunts.
Wilbur suffered his cuntuppance then rage quit.
af Tempest Lefavre 28. maj 2010
10 2
Internet uses that submit to peer pressure in an effort to avoid sticky situations.
Iggy's cumformist ways saved him from many a hairy hiccup.
af Tempest Lefavre 11. juli 2010
6 1
Slang term for a bouquet of flowers.
Afron hoped his gift of plant pussy would get him to second base...
af Tempest Lefavre 2. juli 2010
5 2
A euphemistic expression for abortion in Australia.
Tempest: A dingo ate my baby.
Cher: Again?
af Tempest Lefavre 10. januar 2011
7 12