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12 definitions by SanJ Street

Often used by Scottish Glasgow Neds, usually followed by "mate" to let you know that something is ok
Ned: "Got a fag mate?"
Passer-by: "Nah, sorry im all out"
Ned: "Sound mate"
af sanJ Street 12. juli 2004
129 88
Another word for "good"
person1: "hows it going?"
Person2: "Gid, how about yourself?"
af SanJ Street 12. juli 2004
56 32
Ayrshire farm talk. Another word used for rampaging sex.
"I gave her a good fiercing"
af SanJ Street 12. juli 2004
7 5
Hardrock band with Indian influence from California. Sometimes compaired to Led Zeppelin even though arent that similar
boyhitscar ROCK!
af SanJ Street 3. august 2003
7 6
probably used by the Z-boys (and me) to expess extreme delight at some completly, outstanding, overpoweringly decent. Also probably started by stoned aussie surfers from the stoneage, along with narly, bogus, dude and surfing
Livi skatepark is RAD as fuck man!
af SanJ Street 3. august 2003
18 21
used when u dont know the guy that just porked your girlfriend
WHO the fuck is that bastard?
af SanJ Street 3. august 2003
17 24
Me! the best drummer in Ayrshire. The main man. The daddy of your children!
Sanjstreet - God of the BMX kingdom
af SanJ Street 3. august 2003
4 11