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6 definitions by Ready2Ruck

Friend. Compatriot. Brother. Bastardized form of BROTHER. Short for BROHAMULUS.
"Sup, brohamulus, where the chickens is at?"
af ready2ruck 10. marts 2003
602 304
Stolen. Taken by force. Ran.
Yo, shorty got her chain vicked by some Spichagney sunn!
af ready2ruck 10. marts 2003
61 11
Shitty or weak.
"That shit is gargamels, son!"
af ready2ruck 10. marts 2003
36 11
the act of masterbation.
"Yo, Frenchy you wanna go get lifted at Goldstar Beach?" asks Jimbo. "Nah, suNN, I think Im gonna go home, kill Pablo and eat some spahgetti", replied Hal.
af Ready2Ruck 1. april 2004
14 2
Where one purchases WEED.
"Yo run up in the spic house and grab that elbow of trees, SuNN..."
af ready2ruck 10. marts 2003
28 26