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91 definitions by Patrick

A girl who likes a guy that carries big things "if you know what i mean"
also see "Weenis"
That girl is a quitiler
af Patrick 3. marts 2005
an expirimental sexual scenario of aquired taste. First, party A places a bowel movement in party B's bed without party B's consent. Party A hides the feces with party B's blanket. When Party B sits down, Party A starts to make snake noises. when Party B says "why are you making snake noises?", party A says "because your sitting on my poop"
Patrick just rattlesnaked Connor, and now connor is on the fritz
af Patrick 10. marts 2005
Large asian boobies.
Wow she has some bbags.
af Patrick 10. marts 2005
I am gay, meaning i am fat and fugly
China, and i live in aus
af Patrick 14. februar 2005
Someone who cheats(Usually with cheat codes)in an online game
That haxor!!!!1! i know you have god enabled im not retarded you haxor!
-Anonymous quote from Rainbow Six 3- Raven Shield
af Patrick 3. februar 2005
3)Just down right filthy.
Dang!Get yo dustass off me.
af Patrick 14. februar 2005
One who likes large ladies.
Jamie May hearts fatties.
af Patrick 13. april 2005