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The first against the wall when the revolution comes. An inferior, low or no-self esteem individual who gets off obeying authority figures. One used by his superiors, who themselves undoubtedly would kick them to the curb in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, the tool believes they are worthy and significant STRICTLY because they have attached their whole sense of self to obeying said authority and/or submitting their individuality to another. Could be a woman...but is much more pronounced when seen in a "man".
Glenn Beck is such a tool for corporate power, bending over and spreading cheeks for hateful robber barons who are raping the working poor with their usurious practices.
af mowriter 21. januar 2010
A sleazy, cybersquatting attempt to cash in on folks who misspell wikipedia.com. Useless, empty-headed page with quasi-links to more empty-headed, dead-end quasi-links.

A real irritation when trying to look something up on the real, comprehensive dictionary site, but wanting to access that information via the actual home page, rather than via accidental listings on, say, www.alltheweb.com.
hey, is that wilkipedia? Lemme see......ARRRGH--USELESS CYBER SQUATTING HORSE CRAP!!
af mowriter 25. juli 2006
The original name of the band Vengeance Rising: the first Christian thrash band, possibly the first EVER band to use grind/death metal vocals (someone please try to refute this). Started in 1986 or thereabouts.

The band released two recordings under it's original lineup, then 4/5 of the band left to form Die Happy, while the lead vocalist went on to recruit new lineups for 2 more releases, at best 75% as good as the first two.

After the 4th release, the vocalist Roger Martinez went loco, likely had a nervous breakdown, and proceeded to eventually claim to embrace atheism/satanism, which was really just an exercise in "how many of my former close friends can I shock and upset?". All subsequent writings come off sounding like a deranged, discombobulated, confused person, who nevertheless hates all Christians, especially his former bandmates. A sad, confused ending to a hell of a guy and an otherwise hardcore SOB (and I mean SOB in a good way!).
Vengeance Rising Releases:
(Original lineup)
Human Sacrifice
Once Dead

(AKA, "Roger Rising")
Destruction Comes
Released Upon the Earth

(perpetually promised, never delivered)
Realms of Blasphemy

af Mowriter 8. marts 2007
Vomit consisting of beer, THC derivative, and munchies. Referenced in the song, "Mulligan Stew" by the (formerly) Christian Thrash band Vengeance Rising, off their debut release, "Human Sacrifice".
Friday night is coming so you're saving all your money
'Cause you need to buy some buds and some beer.
You won't be doin' nothing 'cause you spent up all your money
So you smoke until you choke and then you drink your beer alone.
Drink up all your beer and you're feeling fine, so you look up to the clock, S'only quarter to nine
So you whoof a bunch of munchies 'cause there's nothing to do
But when you find that they don't mix you're chucking MULLIGAN STEW.
af Mowriter 8. marts 2007
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