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7 definitions by Mike Blaszczak

short for "credibility". An ability to inspire belief in others.
David Hasselhoff has no street cred.
af Mike Blaszczak 9. juni 2004
201 29
A fighter who isn't any good, or takes a dive.
"If I had taken the dive, I'd have a one-way ticket to palookaville."
af Mike Blaszczak 15. februar 2004
197 46
A prefecture in Japan, across the Toyko bay from the capital.
I fell asleep on the Yamanote line train and woke up in Chiba.
af Mike Blaszczak 5. januar 2005
99 61
A word defined by somoene on urbandictionary.com just because they and their two friends made it up and use it. Nobody else will use it, since they the word's definition is only known in their microcosm.
I'm sorry you got sick, but that's no reason to define something like S.T.Diesed.
af Mike Blaszczak 17. december 2003
10 2
Short for "I appreciate it". Pronounced "preesh", like the middle of "aPPRECiate".
"I got you another beer."

"Preash for getting the printouts."
af Mike Blaszczak 25. maj 2005
11 4
Still On My Chair. SOMC is an antoynm of ROTFLMAO.
So the bartender says: "Why the long face?" ROTFLMAO.
af Mike Blaszczak 7. december 2003
8 17
A calculator that supports only, or only a few more functions than, the four basic math operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
The Burroughs Model C3660 was a popular four banger calculator.
af Mike Blaszczak 15. august 2006
31 75