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7 definitions by Mark McKay

Glasgow slang meaning that your cock is so deeply embedded in a girls poonanny that her spiders legs are tickling yer ballsack.
" A was baw deep on friday night an ma maw walked intae ma bedroom"
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
78 6
Scottish slang. Another name for the head.
"Am gonnae stick the jaggy bunnet in you fur yer cheek"
"Wee Ally McCoist scored a great goal wi the jaggy bunnet"
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
23 13
Glasgow slang, meaning a person who portrays themselves as being intelligent, but thick as shit.
" Haw, fudnut, you make as much sense as an ashtray in a motorbike ya cunt!.
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
9 1
Glasgow slang for football team called Celtic. Normally shouted from member of manky mob(Celtic Supporters Trust)
" See that Sellick mob, their pure brulliant man"
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
18 13
to be sexually hammered in the female fanny!
awe, a pure podgered that big mad fat bird on saturday night, man.
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
7 5
Glasgow slang, meaning war wound of the Glasgow Ned. i.e. scar on a face
" Haw you ya prick, al gie you a mars bar oan yer mush if ye geez any mer cheek"
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
25 45
taking a rather large erect male member in the vagina
I was with 'Big James' on friday night and he shafted me rotten.
af Mark McKay 23. juli 2005
4 30