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34 definitions by Marco

the sexiest women in da world!
damn dat latina mami is sexxy as hell
af Marco 9. september 2004
1769 566
Fuckin Lazy
Patrick is so damn fazy at work.
af Marco 26. september 2003
477 21
Truth, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty
I am a strong believer of veritas, i have never lied in my life.
af Marco 11. december 2003
166 45
An effiminate, bisexual or gay male. Height of popularity was from 1984-1986, geographic usage confined between Waterford/Montville, CT to Warwick, Rhode Island. Being "Gayling" had a major following, members of this "group" usually were GQ-fashion victims, shopped at Midland Mall in Warick or Crystal Mall in Waterford.
I was sleeping over Mark's house when I awoke to him going down on me, I mean he went total Gayling on me!
af Marco 9. oktober 2003
102 8
a non-black person (usually white) with an unhealthy obsession with black people
Marco's sister Nina
af Marco 19. december 2003
84 24
Do It Yourself.
"Do it yourself." -Madball
af Marco 5. november 2003
59 21
Rally call to step it up before confronting an enemy or opponent. Akin to "Bring it on!"

Said with passion and ferocity.
Gargamel is calling you out Papa Smurf. He said, "Step up bitch."

Wha? Bring the Noise!
af marco 30. marts 2005
42 15