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Officially known as the United States of America.

America was built upon Christianity, despite what liberal democrats say. The Founding Fathers intended America to be Christian, and Congress even issued bibles to their members.

America has the highest GDP of any other nation, and is extremely charitable when it comes to disaster efforts directed towards other countries. Whether the help comes from the Federal government or private organizations.

While not the fatest country in the world, it is still in the top 10, with countries like Australia and Britain following close behind. America is generally criticized for its War on Terror, though most of Europe lent aid to the Middle East. George Bush recognized that Saddam had Weapons of mass destruction, while it is now known that he did not, it was believed by the CIA and the government of Britain that they did in fact have WMDS.

America struggles with debt due to the failures of government politicians in their struggle for power and its citizen are generally held responsible.

US inventions:
Lightning rod, catheter, swivel chair, bifocals, ocean current mapping, floss, morse code, revolver, anesthesia, baseball(MODERN version),rolled toilet paper, burglar alarm, can opener, modern oil well, machine gun, cereal,motorcycle,vibrator,hydrant,gum,phonograph,radio,video games.
Someone from America has won the Nobel Prize for medicine 84% of the time in the last 43 years.
af LolRickAstley 29. april 2010
The scene for the invasion on Iraq after the September 11,2001 attacks which left 3,000 innocents killed. American soldiers rushed to Iraq in response to the terrorist attacks. Before soldiers were first deployed the CIA was sent to Afghanistan to gather allies whom were fighting against the onslaught of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in a mission titled 'Operation Jaw Breaker' followed shortly after by 'Operation Urgent Fury.'

Iraq was invaded with the support from NATO,the UK, and before this conflict, Iraq was also involved in the Gulf War, in which Saddam Hussein sought out its oil enriched neighbor, Kuwait, invading it. The UN then authorized military action on the country. The US led an international coalition to Iraq and shortly crushed Saddams forces.
During the recent invasion of Iraq by America and other international coalition forces, President George W. Bush stated that Iraq was holding Weapons of Mass Destruction, and had come to realize this by documents provided by the CIA and government of the United Kingdom.

After the invasion and the US troop surge, violence began to decline in the summer of 2007, and on June 29,2009 US forces withdrew from the city streets, due to a pact created under George W. Bush. This pact states that US troops will be off the streets by June 30, 2009, and that US forces will be out of Iraq by December 31, 2011. June 30th is celebrated as National Sovereignty Day.
The country of Iraq is located in the Middle East, and is the subject of the US led international coalition against the Global War on Terror.
af LolRickAstley 29. april 2010
Socialist country led by Nicolas Sarkozy. France along with most of Europe has helped in the US led coalition on the fight against terror, known as the Global War on Terror. Prior to the invasion France had been subject to a number of terrorist attacks in the 80s and 90s.

France has the fifth largest GDP in the world, behind Germany(4), China(3), Japan(2), and the United States of America(1).

France was an ally to America during the American Revolutionary war(and is still an ally today). The Revolution was well received in France, whom believe the Revolution was the embodiment of the Enlightenment Spirit and a stand against English tyranny. France later sent over 6,000 troops in support of the Patriots.

Many Americans and other nationalities condemn the French as cowards,stating their surrender during WWII. However most Americans know France is an ally, an appreciate the help received during the Revolutionary War,Iraq, and the Statue of Liberty as a gift.

Along with the Statue of Liberty given to the Americans, France also has a smaller clone. Both the Statues face each other across the Atlantic, forever showing gratitude for the help received during the Revolutionary War, and serves as a reminder of the Alliance between them.
France is widely known for its wine and great food, specifically spaghetti and meatballs.
af LolRickAstley 29. april 2010
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