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When rolling a blunt or packin a bowl, the bits of weed that fall on to your magazine or table.
Dont make a mess when you roll that blunt, I dont want hedge clippings all over my desk.
#bits #sprinkle #mess #high #lol
af Knowledgeable1! 23. november 2009
Term for an ashtray or small plate used for dumping out bowls or putting out joints.
Bro this bowl is cashed, pass me the collection plate.
#ashtray #plate #bowls #cashed #cleanout
af Knowledgeable1! 24. november 2009
The stomach ache you get after drinking alot of Natty Ice all night. Often comes with a good hangover shit as well.
Damn that kid drank a whole 12 pak of natty, he's gonna wake up with a monster natty ache!
#natty #hangover #beer #ache #stomach
af Knowledgeable1! 27. november 2009
The act of smoking someone out with skunk
Bro meet me at the park later and ill skunk you out

I guess steven was in a good mood, he invited everyone over and had a skunk out.
#skunk #weed #smoke out #bake out #smelly
af Knowledgeable1! 24. november 2009
Someone who lives in your neighborhood and always drives through with their music so loud everyone can hear it. Also could be someone who dosent live there, but drives through on a daily basis, i.e friends house, school, work.

Also very fucking annoying though if its always when your trying to go to sleep.
Damn man im so tired today, the neighborhood dj drove through at 2 fucking am and woke me up.

A: Damn dude you hear that? Thats some bone thugz!

B: Ya bro that's the neighborhood dj, he works right down the street.
#dj #music #munchies #neighborhood #annoying
af Knowledgeable1! 24. november 2009
Smoking alot in a small enclosed area, such as a room or car, and letting the smoke just sit there.
Bro Steven is passed out, lets turn his car into a bake box!
#smoke #bake out #room #weed #pot
af Knowledgeable1! 24. november 2009
When you take a Wendy's frosty float with cherry coke and a Taco Bell baja blast and mix them together.
A: What you do last night bro.

B: Got high as fuck, made a Frosty Blast.

A: Whaaaat!
#wendys #taco bell #float #frosty #munchies
af Knowledgeable1! 23. november 2009
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