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115 definitions by K

A thing you smoke flavoured tabacco and weed out of. its indian or something
im gettin me some hubbly
af k 11. december 2003
iz a jipo wit BIG teeth !!!!!!!!!!!!!
get um sorted they creep me out !!!!
af K 20. november 2003
1. President Bush is a dumb Fuck. Protest, go to jail, get out, listen to cyndi lauper and smoke pot, get brainwashed by farhenheit 9/11 because they forgot they saw it already, and start all over with the whole process.
President bush is a dumb Fuck, he gave himself a black eye by choking on a pretzel. What a fucking dumbass.
af k 2. juli 2004
the balance between good and evil
this kamikaze know the diference between good and evil, s/he sacrifice his/her life in an evil action for a good cause
af k 22. juni 2003
laughing extremely hard
Dat shyt was so funny...i was rolling
af k 11. marts 2005
noun. A not-cool person.
That kid is a schwag.
af K 10. april 2003
To go bankrupt, to lose all money.
K-Mart is going to chapter 11 if they keep selling low quality products.
af k 28. november 2004