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11 definitions by Journas

A lighter version of Satan's domain, hell, where temperature is kept t-shirt-and-shorts high, ruled by Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.
I gave my son a yoghurt that had expired yesterday...I'll go straight to Heck.
af Journas 19. oktober 2003
480 252
food that's hard to catch. see fast food chain
Look at that hamburger go!
af Journas 17. oktober 2003
188 65
Guybrush? What kind of a name is GUYBRUSH?
What's your name?
af Journas 9. oktober 2003
66 17
A piece of metal you put in fast food to make it heavier and, thus, easier to catch.
It took 3 fast food chains to stop the damn hamburger!
af Journas 17. oktober 2003
41 12
Simply one of the best alternative bands in the world.
Blasted Mechanism kicks major ass!
af Journas 9. oktober 2003
24 7
Strongest of the Thundercats,also an expert in mechanics and just about anything that envolves building and technology. Kicks major Mutant ass
Reactor engaged, traction locked, all go!
af Journas 19. oktober 2003
30 18
1)A sick person

2)A massive high
That dude's a fucking Journas!

I'm all journed up
af Journas 10. oktober 2003
3 1