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Where the world celebrates another rotation of the earth around the sun. In most countries it is celebrated on the 31st of December. However this is an arbitrary day. A new year should really start after an equniox (either spring or autumn, this is where the length of the day and night are equal, both are 12 hours) or even after a solstice (again either summer or winter). In this case this is where the day or night is at its longest for the year.
new year's is celebrated on the wrong day
af Jimmy to the 25. februar 2006
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Luton is an awful place to live. most people will only benefit from this if they have left Luton at some point. Unfortunately most residents of Luton have never ventured outside the concrete wall (runs along-side the M1) that surrounds this deprived town. Yes there are plenty of chavs and worse. The nightlife is simply put, poor. Liquid nightclub is mainly populated by those with an attitude problem and always tryign to prove them selves to be the hard man. The other 'clubs' do not bear mentioning. The one good pub in Luton is the Whitehouse and is part of the Lloyds chain. Atleast here chavs are to a minimum if onyl substituted for 30-40 year olds trying in vain to relive their youth. The youth of luton along with mos of its population are under-educated and lack manners and common sense. A prime example is any of the secondary schools, or even the sixth form college. Which coincidently appears to be a training centre for al qaeda. The best advice is to stay clear of Luton, it's not pretty, clean or safe. It isn't even average, it is below par and rightly so deserves the title of the UK's crappest town.

I live in luton when not at university, i was not born in luton and wish to have no affiliation with said town.
Luton is crap, i wish i was back at uni
af jimmy to the 5. april 2006
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