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9 definitions by Jake Smith

the act of blowing your load directly at a woman's neck, aiming it perfectly center so the white juice flows down both sides of her neck, creating what looks like a 'pearl necklace'
Yo, I gave my girl a pearl necklace for Valentine's Day.
af Jake Smith 16. februar 2003
1302 854
end tour service -end of your active military service
I ets in 4 days.
af jake smith 25. maj 2004
72 14
A term combining 'bitch' and 'hootch' to describe a good friend or extreme asshole without cursing
What up, bootch.
af Jake Smith 16. februar 2003
67 25
A word of power and strength, noone can live up to dahms

Also seen sometimes as Dahminator
you almost are as good as dahms!
af Jake Smith 13. september 2004
22 13
short -person whoose getting out of the military soon.
I got only 1 day man can't get shorter then that.
af jake smith 25. maj 2004
28 26
American Browning 50 caliber heavy machine, belt fed, designed before WW2 and still in use today.
Used on our WW2 fighters and bombers, ships, amoured vehicles or with a tripod. Its power could chop trees in half.
The gooks best not hit this bunker - we got a 50 !
af jake smith 26. maj 2004
46 73
WW2 German 88milmeter antiaircraft gun which doubled as ground artillary and especially efective anti tank gun
Feared by allied forces.
We gotta knock out that 88 its killin our boys.
af jake smith 26. maj 2004
154 184