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103 definitions by JT

Another term for pubic hair
he had to shave his gummal
af JT 8. september 2004
1 0
Slang form of terrible.
Today at work was terebos.
af JT 15. april 2004
3 2
Stupid Folk are theretards who put in definitions on this site but cannot spell to save their fucking lives! PEOPLE please, don't try to dog on someone if you don't even have the intelligence to do it properly!! You only make yourself look more stupid than you already are.
"you guys shuldnt be written bad things abuot peeple on hear. its mean and hattelful. I guess I'm just part of the stupid folk"
af JT 8. april 2005
6 6
A suggested invite to be followed on a whim.
The meeting will be by mandatation only.
af JT 30. juni 2004
0 0
A word that is used in place of an unfamiliar term; word that can take the place of any nontraditional term or phrase.
Caley was upset at the stealing of her beepvoo.
af JT 17. februar 2003
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A shortened version of light, meaning having less weight substance.
<place example here>
af JT 5. februar 2005
27 28
A whore (cum Dumpster) who can fly (a superhero, see megaplegic def. #1) Has the uncanny ability to break free from their megaplegiality and soar higher than all the paraplegic whores in the known universe
Nicky B, Mista JT, Big Al C, Bixy
af JT 8. november 2004
4 5