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36 definitions by J 0 K A

to get drunk or high or both.
i know this kid that get throwed off of one beer lol.
af J 0 K A 28. juni 2006
107 28
to take a fat shit on someone and rub it all over their body; nasty ass porno
May: oooh! Please shit all over me!
Jay: Aight bitch if you say so. *takes out newspaper and shits all over may*
af J 0 K A 6. februar 2005
283 209
one of the best rappers out there right now. his new album The Sound of Revenge is sick. i recommend buying it.
Chamillionaire's album The Sound of Revenge is worth buying. Don't download it.
af J 0 K A 19. februar 2006
181 114
any american car made in the world
I own an Excursion. It gets about 8 miles per gallon. It's a true gas guzzler
af J 0 K A 24. september 2005
94 37
str8 up gangsta special; will make anyone tap
Chris Benoit 0wnz jo0!
af J 0 K A 22. februar 2005
107 52
an NFL team that had a season of only 1 win in 04-05 and then beat the patriots; BALLAS
man 1: man the dolphins are doing really bad this season.
man 2: yea but atleast they beat the #1 team in the NFL this season.
af J 0 K A 22. januar 2005
203 158
chowin down some good food
Those ribs are lookin good. Ima be grubbin' in a minute.
af J 0 K A 3. januar 2006
72 30