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1. The Canadian version of Ikr(I know, right?), where as Ike means "I know, eh?"

2. A character in South Park. Brother of Kyle Broflovski, and is ironically, Canadian.
Guy 1: "Yo the party yesterday was sooo sick!!!"
Canadian Guy: "Ike?!"

Kyle's Mom: "Kyle, we have to tell you something. Ike... he's Canadian."
Kyle: "WTF NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
#ikr #kyle #kyle's mom #south park #canadian
af Hojin :P 9. maj 2010
Zombies that will end the world in 2012, if the world does end on 2012. But probably just a load of bullshit. But we all need a zombies plan just in case.
Guy 1: "Dude if the world ends on 2012, I hope it something more creative than like a huge ass meteor. I hope its something like zombies!"
Guy 2: "Oh ya, that would be the sickest apocalypse ever. We would die a horrible death, but we get to kill people for fun before we do! :D"
Guy 3: "Yo, my zombie plan is to go and camp at Costco. Wanna come?"

2012 zombies apacalypse ftw
#zombies #2012 #zombieland #shaun of the dead #left 4 dead
af Hojin :P 4. maj 2010
The boner someone gets when they pwn somebody.
Yesterday I got a pwner after pwning this noob with a no scope in Halo 3
#video games #nerds #noobs #losers #owned
af Hojin :P 22. maj 2010
Words that use other characters. Tend to become very annoying. Here's a list of what each letter is substituted by, usually.
A = 4 or @
B = l3
C = (
D = cl, or |)
E = 3
F = Nothing for F, but you can use ones from different types of languages. Such as ㅋ, which is from Korean alphabet(hangul)
G = 9
H = |-|
I = !, or 1
J = nothing for J
K = l<,
L = |_
M = lVl
N = lV
O = 0
P = not that i know of
Q = still nothing that i know of
R = i got nothing
S = 5
T = +, or 7
U = |_|
V = \/
W = \/\/
X = i got notin
Y = >-
Z = still notin
Guy 1: ">- 0, >- 3 5 7 3 R |) 4 >-, ! \/\/ 3 lV 7 2 7 |-| ! 5 4 \/\/ 3 5 0 |V| 3 P 4 R 7 >-"
Guy 2: "Stop typing character substituted words, damn it! I can hardly understand you!"
#numbers #characters #geek #nerd #internet language
af Hojin :P 9. maj 2010
One who should be in a higher position/class, but chooses not to be for the sake of easier work, social status/life, lower expectations, or just so they can feel dominant compared to their dumbed down fellow students/workers.
Michelle's such an overachieving underachiever, she should be in academic algebra, but chose applied algebra for easier work, and is now making the entire applied algebra class look stupid.

Diego chose to stay at the crappy Seneca college just because most of his friends are going to it, even though he was accepted by Harvard University.
#underachieve #overachiever #extra #markwhore #smartass
af Hojin :P 6. april 2011
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