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1. Teacher I'd Like to Fuck
2. Teen I'd Like to Fuck
3. Tits I'd Like to Fuck
4. Twat I'd Like to Fuck
5. Tushy I'd Like to Fuck
6. Throat I'd Like to Fuck
7. Taylor I'd Like to Fuck
8. Tranny I'd Like to Fuck
9. Trio I'd Like to Fuck
10. Tan I'd Like to Fuck
Yesterday I had a debate with my colleague Amy about our teachers at school, trying to establish which of them is the hottest TILF (1). The discussion turned me on also because of all the teen chicks in my class, Amy was the hottest TILF (2):
- Mike, what do you think of our English teacher?
- I think she's hot.
- Why, just because she has those big boobs?
- Well, you can't deny that's a nice pair of TILF (3).
- Guess so. And what about our Maths teacher?
- She's a twat.
- A twat you'd like to fuck, or you mean you just hate her.
- Both. She's nasty, but also hot, so I'd gladly take my revenge by fucking her real good. So I guess that makes her a TILF (1+4) also.
- Mike, am I a TILF for you?
- Let me think: it turns you on whan I call you a twat, your teeny twat tastes delicious, and I'd happily fuck your brains out any day. Of course you are a TILF (2+4).
- You're getting me wet Mike, but let's try to focus. What about our Geography teacher?
- Ah, she has a real TILF (5). Her tushy is so hot, I'd fuck her in the ass day and night.
- And the Spanish teacher?
- Well, she has a hot body overal, but I particularly love her when she's speaking. Something about her Spanish turns me on so much that I feel like grabbing her and shoving my dick deep in her throat right there in front of the class. That's what I call a TILF (6) in this case.
- You like cumming in girls' throats?
- Throats, faces, tits... everywhere. I like to tie them down and jack off till I cum over them.
- I guess that makes you a Taylor, or might I add - a TILF (7).
- And what turns you on Amy?
- Anything hot. Hot guys, hot chicks.
- Even trannies?
- Why not? Some are really TILFs (8), with a sweet face, hot body, and juicy cocks.
- Hmm... you, our Spanish teacher and a hot tranny. Now that'd be a hot trio that would steam up the windows of any room. And for me - a TILF (9).
- You find Miss Lopez the hottest TILF?
- Yes, she has such a body that can turn on anyone, boy or girl. And she has like the perfect tan. Whenever I see a chick with that tan I either feel like fucking her right away, or I imagine a steamy lesbian action involving her. I sometimes walk the beaches only in search for TILFs (10).
- Well Mike, a tranny might be harder to find, but Miss Lopez seems to be quite open minded - and I've seen how she looks at you from time to time. I'd say we try to approach her after school ends this summer for a trio. Who knows? Some of your dreams might actually come true. I know I'm looking forward to it. ;)
af Dhadik 21. februar 2008
The process of passing through the throat, then the esophagus, of different forms of nutriments and not only.

A. From a non-sexual perspective, we swallow on daily basis food, drinks and our own saliva. When in need we also swallow pills or other forms of medicine. Accidentally different objects may end up being swallowed as well (particular high risk for small children).

B. From a sexual perspective, it has two meanings:

1. Swallowing male/female cum (in general), however mainly referring to sperm. Sperm swallowing is a touchy issue, especially in hetero couples. Men see it as a proof of love - and can be hurt or unsatisfied if she spits it out. Most women however have a hard time adjusting to the taste (often quite bitter). But that's maybe one of the very reasons why men appreciate women who swallow: "Her love for me and/or craving for my seed is stronger than whatever taste it might have".

2. Allowing the head of the penis penetrate the throat during oral sex. Also known as deep-throating, the act requires lots of practice before it can be achieved. While cum swallowing is considered an act of love, deep-throating is mainly regarded as sexual performance.
A. Swallowing frequently or yawning during aircraft takeoff and descent may help to equalize the pressure and therefore clear the ear.

B.1. "- What makes her so special?"
"- Not only does she swallow, but she swallows without making a face or anything. She even moans and looks up at me with happiness & love in her eyes. It melts my heart and gives me the greatest orgasms. I feel I'm the luckiest guy on Earth."

B.2. "Wow! I knew she was good, but when I saw the whole thing disappearing in her mouth, with like half of my 9" shaft swallowed down her throat, I was in total awe and divine happiness in the same time."
af Dhadik 5. september 2007
A nub of flesh on the rim of the anus.

It's best when it's placed on top of the anal rim, because then it really resembles a clit, making the asshole look like a tiny cunt.

Some find it pretty cute, calling it mini-cunt or baby cunt. Others find it a bit gross.

The nob is usually pretty sensitive, but not necessarily in a bad way. During anilingus it may even increase the pleasure. If the rimjob is done well, it can even lead to orgasm, hence the second reason why it's called an ass clit.
Having an ass clit myself, I was motivated to read more about them, and I also had to personally go through different stages of dealing with it. First I thought it was gross and never dared asking my wife to give me a rimjob, though only the idea of it was turning me on. I was however giving her rimjobs quite often, so it wasn't long till she insisted on returning the favor. I couldn't belive how good it could feel. Used to think they exagerate in porns, but it was quite the contrary. The area was so sensitive (and particularly the nub), that it took me only a couple of minutes to orgasm. And it was a totally different orgasm.

It doesn't always work, especially if done too often. But we've noticed that if done like once every 2 weeks, the effect is most intense (usually I can feel when I'm 'ready' for it). My wife also loves doing it, as she enjoys my reaction when I orgasm. She says the spasms of my body are similar to a woman's when I orgasm, which turns her on. I off course love it as well, as not only is the anilingus itself very pleasurable, but the orgasm is at least twice as strong as my regular one.

So, if good hygiene happily meets open minds, such a nub is no drama - nothing to be ashamed/frustrated of - but a genuine anal clit! Learn to enjoy it! ;)
af Dhadik 5. marts 2008
It may refer to two things:

1. The anus itself, because of its round shape, pinkish color (or other shades, different from the skin around) and the tiny folds in the skin resembling the petals of a flower.

2. Anal virginity. As in "I gave him my flower". Traditionally girls used to give their cunt flower to the first guy they had sex with, and their ass flower to the first guy in their lives who was 'special enough' do deserve it. Lately the order tends to change because anal sex is not so much of a taboo anymore, because new douching techniques are easier and more efficient - and most important - because anal sex turned out to be the most efficient and cost effective contraceptive (no risk of breaking the condom, no unwanted hormones from the pill, no need to pay for any of them).
1. I always love to go down on her and suck the juices of her peach. And when I have enough of that, I lift her legs up and go for my favorite, her sweet anal flower, which I could lick for hours, if my dick wouldn't ask for his share of it. ;)

2. - How serious are you with this guy? You've been dating for quite some time now.
- Oh girl, he's like the man of my dreams. I'm thinking about giving him my anal flower.
- That serious? Well then, I'm very happy for you. You guys make indeed a great couple. :)
af Dhadik 8. marts 2008
First time your anal flower gets penetrated by a penis or an object large enough to resemble it (e.g. a strap-on dildo in case of a lesbian couple).

It's also called loosing your anal virginity. Or as Sarah Silverman calls it: loosing your real virginity. Indeed, oral or vaginal sex happen for some of us even before we reach our sexual maturity. Sometimes not because we are ready or feel like it, but just because everybody does it. But the day you are ready for anal sex, only then you can say your mind is open enough from a sexual POV. Only then you can honestly say you're not a virgin anymore when it comes to sex.

My husband still thinks I was a virgin when we met, because he deflowered my pussy. What he doesn't know, is that I had my anal defloration 5 years before that - and enjoyed lots of sex since. ;)

Oral & anal sex are indeed 2 great ways of enjoying your youth, and still saving your "virginity". And that's good not necesarily because some men still appreciate that, but mainly because it'll save you from unwanted pregnancies.
af Dhadik 8. marts 2008
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