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3 definitions by Bud 8

while you are fucking a girl from behind in the bathroom. you dunk her head in the toilet and flush it.
i gave your mom a "doggie swirl" in my bathroom last night.
af Bud 8 15. marts 2005
25 10
Group of fucking posers who act tough but really aren't shit. They normally listen to groups like Hanson, enjoy blowing each other and bitch/cry like drama queens.
Scott Miller and Eddie Dosch are a couple of punkass homo bitches.
af Bud 8 15. marts 2005
15 20
#24 in the Nextel Cup, has won a few championships, but is still a flaming cocky ass faggot, and maybe if he wasn't so busy blowing his teammates he wouldn't have lost his wife and girlfriend that he had.
You'd have to be an ass pirate to like Jeffy Gordon
af Bud 8 16. marts 2005
113 165