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A fanfic which the story has no plot. Only humourous or romantic nonsense.
*after reading a story* What a cute fluff!
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
Meaning 'other character.' Used by fanfic authors to describe a pairing with a chracter from another series or from their own crazed minds.
I can't believe that author did that! Pairing Superman with an OC? Thhat's not romantic at all!
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
Original Animated Video

Anime made only for the video market. A small 'prolouge' to a series. Usually 4-6 episodes and short length. Usually the animation is different from the existing series.

Also called OVA
Did you the Samurai X OAV's?
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
A word popularized by Japanese animation that means 'pretty girl'. Also shortened to 'bishou'. Used to describe an attractive anime character. (females only) ^__^
That chic from SailorMoon is so hot! What a bishoujo/bishou!
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
A group of japanese girls who dress in "cutting edge" and fashoinable clothes. Equivalent of a valley girl . Wears alot of make-up.
They have a magazine about kogals.
af BlackTwilight 5. december 2003
A cartoonish way of screaming. An outburst. Usually used when you saw something kawaii or when you've been introduced.
Girl: This is my friend, Alice.
Alice: WAI!!! Nice to meet ya!

*looks at a puppy*
WAI!!! That is so adorable!
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
Hyper-deformed. The character (usually in anime ) looks normal but has some strange physical qualities.
You call that a drawing? It's totally HD!
af BlackTwilight 6. oktober 2003
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