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4 definitions by Bexx

Showing off; showing what you've got.
"And we like to floss /
All my diamonds gloss /
I represent the dirty dirty dirty dirty South."
--Lil' Flip
af Bexx 28. januar 2005
754 118
Something unattractive, or particularly ugly/backward.
That scar? Hella wounded.
af Bexx 27. januar 2005
18 15
n. Used to describe a big ass. Referring to ass-cakes, or beef/cheesecake. Used as a noun only.
That girl's got -cake-.
af Bexx 28. januar 2005
5 11
adj. To be extremely ugly, beyond the level of being "wounded".

This pounded is pronounced "poonded", but derives from the word "wounded. Thus the weird spelling.
Damn. That girl's hella pounded.
af Bexx 28. januar 2005
21 88