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11 definitions by Awele

A term used to catch someone attention when you don't know their name
Ay gurl, let me holla at you for a minute
af Awele 12. juli 2005
379 111
A very esay and slutty gurl. Usually 99/100% very ugly
That gurl is a real scank
af Awele 12. juli 2005
51 36
To be off the hook or to have great entertainment
That party was off the hezzy fo' shezzy
af Awele 12. juli 2005
2 3
A gangster is one who participates in organized crime, typically the Mafia; gangsters commit crimes (killing, gambling, drug dealing, prostitution) for money.
Ususally a term used to describe the real time gangster in the 50's compared to the new day gangsta's
Al Capone is a real time gangster.
af Awele 12. juli 2005
19 22
To win, or strongly dominate a competition
I crushed Mike in a game of spades
af Awele 12. juli 2005
19 22
A word from the izzle language created by the famous hiphop artist Snoop Dogg
mean's nigga'.
That's my nizzle for shizzle
af Awele 12. juli 2005
8 12
A term that mean "shit", created by the famous african american hiphop artist Snoop dogg
Fo' shizzle my Nizzles
af Awele 12. juli 2005
0 4